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    About Louise

    Louise is a food and nutrition writer and a cookbook author.

    She has published five cookbooks – three baby and toddler cookbooks for parents (Something for Everyone, Cooking for Your Baby &Toddler and Thermomix Cooking For Your Baby & Toddler) and two food-related storybooks for children (My Grandma’s Kitchen and The Best Ever Birthday).

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    Here you can find a collection of recipes extracted from Louise's five books, including first foods for your baby, healthy snacks for your toddler, dishes you and your child can cook together, birthday party cakes, and family meals for all ages.

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    Avoid cooking two dinners every night and bring the whole family together with deliciously healthy meals with Something for Everyone. The book features over 80 recipes - each one with baby and toddler adaptions. The chapters cover Breakfast, Snacks + Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts + Baking, so you’ve got every meal taken care of.


Five books including Something for Everyone and Cooking for Your Baby and Toddler.
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Here are some of my favourite recipes I’ve cooked time and time again. Enjoy!
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    Tough love, no bacon

    Posted on Wednesday September 21st 2016

    A friend reckons he has it good. His partner cooks a bacon-hash-brown-fry-up for breakfast every day. “Are you sure?” I said. ...

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    Gut microbiota: its impact on your mind & body

    Posted on Friday September 2nd 2016

    The human gastrointestinal tract harbours trillions of microorganisms, consisting of up to 1,000 or so ...

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    What can you eat to help ease morning sickness in pregnancy?

    Posted on Tuesday August 30th 2016

    Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is mistakenly known as “morning” sickness. Mistakenly, because it doesn’t occur only in the morning. One ...

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